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At Genuine Pilates our guiding principles are;

To make Pilates accessible, enjoyable and vital to people of all ages and physical capabilities. To inspire those people to achieve a healthier, happier and more fit lifestyle. Our mission is to preserve the techniques and philosophy of the Pilates Method, as developed and pioneered by Joseph H. Pilates and passed on by his chosen successor Romana Kryzanowska.

Further, we strive to create a safe, nurturing haven for future Pilates enthusiasts.

To facilitate this, we offer the highest quality instruction in a fully equipped studio at prices which represent a remarkable value. Unique to our studio, is that your lesson will be entirely private - you will have the entire space to yourself.

Wendy Sig

Please contact us at:

Wendy Oliver
Genuine Pilates L.L.C.
phone:    704.898.3111



Wouldn't it be wonderful to be full of energy and resistant to fatigue, to be calmer and better able to deal with everyday stress?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be fit and supple, stronger without big, bulky muscles; to have good body tone and a firmer, flatter belly?

With the Pilates Method of physical and mental conditioning, you can enjoy all of these benefits;

Your body becomes firmer and sleeker,
with better shape.

You can move more easily and quickly perform
many tasks, acquire many desired physical
skills and better prevent injury.

Physical and mental strength and endurance are
increased, making it ideal for those working
stressful lives or recovering from injuries.

The mind becomes the body's master -
increasing self-confidence.

Most back pain can be relieved, as well as
fatigue. Discomfort and pain are lessened.

Muscle flexibility and joint mobility are improved.

Strength is added to the body without adding
bulk, and metabolism is increased.

Coordination, posture, balance and
alignment are corrected.

A better night's sleep is possible.


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