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Proper Pilates training can facilitate enhanced freedom of movement, strength and symmetry - therefore increasing movement capabilities. This applies to people of all ages and all body types; for those at the very beginnings of developing a training routine, as well as those with an already established regimen. This is true for bodies in peak physical condition and is even more relevant for individuals with disabilities and injuries requiring an especially precise discipline targeting specific areas of the body.

In the course of her teaching career, Wendy has been able to count as clients a large number of professional people which have included; doctors, nurses, physical therapists, psychologists and professional athletes. Moreover she has taught a roster of clients displaying a diversity of body types, spanning an age range from 9 to 87 years old. She has repeatedly witnessed the benefits and recuperative powers of Pilates training for those in need of a particularly personalized program designed to alleviate the effects of disabilities or injury. Wendy is both fluent and comfortable, having had considerable experience working around these conditions;

• Herniated and slipped disks
• Scoliosis
• Fused spines
• Neck injuries
• Amputees
• Joint replacement
• Broken bones
• Pregnancy

In addition to having had clients referred by doctors and physical therapists, Wendy has taught clients referred by the New York Hospital for Special Surgery.

Wendy has been fortunate enough to have had the pleasure of training several professional athletes and performers, at the peak of their physical conditioning. However it has been working with individuals trying to overcome a specific disability or limitation which has demonstrated the robust powers of Pilates and has ultimately proven the most rewarding. Following are the experiences of some specific clients and their particular physical conditions that Wendy has worked with in the past. These provide an excellent example of the manner in which Pilates training serves as an invaluable recuperative tool;

• Priscilla survived a near-fatal snowmobiling accident, which severely crushed the left side of her body. After spending months in the hospital and many more months of physical therapy, she re-established her Pilates training. The goal that motivated her was to be able to dance at her niece's wedding without the aid of her cane - which she was successfully able to do.

• Marjorie suffered from a herniated disk that precluded her from both bending over and twisting her back. After beginning a Pilates training routine, she was able to regularly play 18 holes of golf, which would have been previously unfeasible.

• Nicole, a cancer survivor, after multiple surgeries was told by her doctors that she would never be physically able to perform a simple sit-up. Three years after beginning her training, she is now doing advanced level Pilates work.

• Thomas in his 70’s, had developed a troubling problem. Without any apparent neurological explanation, he was constantly losing his balance and falling. At the onset of his Pilates training it became apparent that this was due to a severe muscular imbalance between his right and left sides. After embarking upon a personalized routine of exercises that was specially tailored for his body and which targeted the specific muscles causing imbalance, this condition eventually disappeared completely.

Such examples are limitless and reinforce the powers that proper Pilates training can provide. Witnessing them first hand has provided Wendy with continual inspiration and motivation to dedicate herself to bettering her teaching skills.


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